Small Steps

I can not believe how long it has been since I started this venture.

A lot has happened…….

I no longer attend Hitec Computers on a Saturday as they are not looking to develop their website / sales.   Hitec have said that they will honour the 15% discount that was extended to myself.

Hopefully Hitec will find business for the Redcamel Brand – not just Redcamel Systems and will benefit from commissions. It is a strategy for the Redcamel Group that we be supportive of each other and promote each other wherever possible.

Last weekend I attended the Google Garage and did three courses – Marketing, Programming and Starting a New Business.

It is my intention to attempt to draw the programming group and the new business groups together by association with the Redcamel Brand.

In 1992 I became an Associate Consultant for Peterborough Software the condition of which I had to form my own limited company to protect myself and them. It is a strategy which I hope to adopt with my BSG-Elite Redcamel Associates.

Saturday is going to be really interesting – we will find out who is really in the game and those that are just pretending.


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