I am back at Hitec as a Freelance Consultant – But I do not know what they want me for as they are excluding me from their web development.

Hitec have elected to go with LV Media of Cheadle and have paid £600 for their site. Functionally it could have been developed as a White As Milk site for just £60. They have paid for the graphics – which is the case for all website, you have to pay for the presentation.

LV Media has agreed to be part of the Manchester Discount Card scheme.

So the message is – Get visible on the WWW for just £100 when you commit to having your graphics done by LV Media.

Take advantage of SSNA and take delivery of a active website and do your own anaysis before engaging in Web development.

For Just £15  we will give you a web presence – equal to what most companies get. You simply have to take tuition and get your hands dirty.

With the Manchester Discount card and SSNA design methodology expect to pay just £300 for your web site – a £50% saving.

Note : This only applies to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 websites.


Small Steps

I can not believe how long it has been since I started this venture.

A lot has happened…….

I no longer attend Hitec Computers on a Saturday as they are not looking to develop their website / sales.   Hitec have said that they will honour the 15% discount that was extended to myself.

Hopefully Hitec will find business for the Redcamel Brand – not just Redcamel Systems and will benefit from commissions. It is a strategy for the Redcamel Group that we be supportive of each other and promote each other wherever possible.

Last weekend I attended the Google Garage and did three courses – Marketing, Programming and Starting a New Business.

It is my intention to attempt to draw the programming group and the new business groups together by association with the Redcamel Brand.

In 1992 I became an Associate Consultant for Peterborough Software the condition of which I had to form my own limited company to protect myself and them. It is a strategy which I hope to adopt with my BSG-Elite Redcamel Associates.

Saturday is going to be really interesting – we will find out who is really in the game and those that are just pretending.